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GEODIS and Me: Meet Quentin

Meet Quentin in our 5-question interview to discover his internship experience within GEODIS in Mexico

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1. What is your internship mission within GEODIS in Mexico?

As the Mexican branch of GEODIS keeps on expanding, the decision to create a purchasing department was naturally made to reduce costs. My role is to assist project managers during the various stages of creating the purchasing department, setting up SOPs*, drafting contracts, launching tenders on the market, or identifying new recruits.

2. What does it mean for you to be an intern belonging to the generation Millennials?

Even though I don’t like this term, I could notice a difference between my peers and people ten years older than me. We are curious or, at least, we want to make new experiences, to change environments to know our desires better. I don’t think there is the same loyalty to the company you work for anymore. And I think that making different internship experiences leads us towards this kind of mentality.

 3. What is your vision of the world of work?

For me, the world of work is a set of doors leading to different environments. Each company has its own “culture” and our vision of the working world varies a lot depending on our experiences. Still being a student, I feel I need more working experience to form a more concrete opinion.

4. What surprised you most when you first arrived at GEODIS?

What impressed me most was the position that GEODIS had in the Mexican logistics market. I have had the opportunity to visit French warehouses which are relatively small compared to those in Mexico City, located in a huge industrial complex. I could immediately see why Mexico is one of the countries where the growth of GEODIS is the most significant.

5. What do you expect from your next job?

My expectations for the activity field I want to work in are still rather vague, while my priorities are pretty clear. In September, I’m going to Tokyo for a double degree and I plan to stay in Asia to make my bones. Also, I would like to find a stimulating job that makes me feel useful. In my opinion, the context in which we work is more important than the job itself (at least, for the moment).

*Standard operating procedure


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