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The New Safety Frontier at GEODIS Euromatic

In GEODIS, we are always concerned about our employees’ safety.

As part of continuous improvement in safety standards, Euromatic, the No. 1 technical distribution network with high value-added services, is currently testing a new type of stair climbing trolley within its sites in Bordeaux and Lille, France.

Christophe Stefanovitch, Operational Excellence Manager, tells us more about this new tool:

” Faced with the health and safety constraints at work, we have chosen to acquire two stair climbing trolleys to transport bulky or heavy goods without compromising our employees’ integrity and our customers’ premises.

These trolleys are indeed the ideal solution to respond to Euromatic’s specific distribution requirements, which must adapt to the severe constraints of such markets as printing services, vending machines, safe-deposit boxes, while taking into account the risks associated with the regular handling of heavy loads. That potentially can lead to accidents and increase the arduous work of our teams.

We have therefore chosen to rely on these machines, which both minimize manual porterage and offer more comfort in handling loads on different types of staircases, such as straight, quarter-turn and rotating staircases with landing platform(s). This way, the weight is always uniformly unloaded on the staircase, without the operator having to keep it in balance.

For us, a perfect service quality also includes our ability to prevent risks related to health and safety at work, whether in our sites or at our customers’ premises. Accidentology is at the heart of our concerns and we look forward to pursue our commitment to providing assistance for handling heavy loads. “

Geodis Euromatic team using a stair climbing robot

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