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All-hands meeting: The open and massive meeting based on sharing and exchange


Halfway between a seminar and a team meeting, the “all-hands meeting”, also known as “town hall”, gathers all the employees (from the intern to the CEO) to share the company’s key information. Launched in the Silicon Valley, the concept won over various companies eager to ensure unity.

Although very popular these days, this concept is expensive for the company.

Yet, the “all-hands meeting” can really act as a leverage to retain skilled employees in the company. Meeting co-workers, covering topics and listening to insights allow each and every one to be involved and have an overall understanding of his/her actions.

Full disclosure for Unity

This powerful act of communication reminds us that all together, we are working towards common goals. Despite our matrix and/or decentralized organizations, current technologies enable us to connect more easily and to focus on the meaning that we all give to our daily work.

No, it is not another meeting

Hashtag MeetingLover MeetingHaterThis event aims at creating an inspiring environment to share, meet co-workers and learn. Everyone gets to talk and participate. Usually, it is the time to praise successes and introduce new employees. To give the opportunity to teams who do not meet often to network. To promote interaction and especially, to end the meeting on a positive note with the feeling of being useful.

Yes, it opens network and accessibility

Whether the news is good or bad, any leadership message has a greater impact when delivered in person. Guidelines and key messages are more powerful as they become real and boost our self-awareness.

Hashtag Proud to be GEODISGEODIS regularly runs morning meetings as they are part of our management culture. They consist in PowerPoint-free presentations delivered by the executive committee members on the region’s news. They aim at facilitating the communication, quickly integrating new employees and unifying teams.


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