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Digital Revolution and Reengineering of the Supply Chain: The Growth of Contract Logistics in Italy

The Contract Logistics sector in Italy, over the past few years, is experiencing a positive trend and data is more and more encouraging.

skyscraperIn 2017, with an expected turnover of about € 80 billion, it shows an increase of + 1.8% compared to the previous year, as well as a consolidation of the outsourcing of logistics, which today stands at around 40%, having gained ground back from 2015.

Although the incidence and type of outsourcing differ according to the industrial sectors, Italy experiences a concrete increase in the duration of Strategic Outsourcing contracts, which include warehousing, transport and distribution activities.

The approach aims at greater collaboration and exchange between customers and suppliers; both parties work together for the continuous improvement of performance and for a substantial reduction in costs.

Environment friendlyFocused on efficiency of the supply chain, both customers and logistics providers now act in synergy, implement green solutions with reduced environmental impact and develop cutting-edge technologies.

In addition to the latest trends of LNG-powered vehicles and lithium-ion technology applied to material handling equipment, the evolution of Contract Logistics in Italy is experiencing a digital revolution and the integration with the Internet of Things (IoT), that is progressively redesigning the entire distribution chain.

tablet and laptopThe result of these factors is a favorable framework for 3PL suppliers, who can take advantage of flexibility as a key factor to drive change, thanks to a particular receptiveness towards the new standards of sustainability and digitalization of the supply chain. These are the necessary elements to structure logistics in the near future, with a view to highly customized solutions for the end consumer.

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