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“GEODIS and ME” by the Contract Logistics Line of Business

Nadia's PhotoMeet Nadia, Logistics Solution Designer, with the 5-question series

Why Five?

Five, just like the 5-minute morning break at the coffee machine, or even the usual 5-minute catch-up to talk about this and that.

Today, we take 5 questions to spotlight our featured employee and gain insight into her role, professional experience and contributions which are helping to brighten Logistics.


1. You’re about to celebrate your first year at GEODIS, what is your assessment?

Today, I am an engineer. I design logistics solutions and respond to calls for tenders. It is a profession that teaches us to be agile, to anticipate and translate the customer’s need into operational processes offering a perfect quality of service.

This year was rich in experience. My manager quickly entrusted me with a variety of projects that allowed me to acquire not only knowledge related to new methods and associated technologies but also to discover this field and continue to develop my technical, operational and relational skills.


2. You work for a specific industry whose organization is attached to the head office in Paris. How did you adopt the operating mode?

It is true that we are located in the East of France, but we work as a single team.

We are constantly in touch with our Parisian colleagues, but also with the entire community represented throughout the world!

It is always interesting to exchange experiences, projects, tools and methodologies. Cohesion and team spirit is what makes our community strong.


3. Graduated from Centrale Paris (Engineering School) in 2015, what professional challenges are you facing?

As an engineering student, I have always been curious to learn new things and take on new challenges. This position offers me a variety of situations, new issues or problems to manage.  These are just opportunities for me to learn to adapt, be reactive and offer a critical look.

The in-house training courses that I was able to benefit from, allowed me to better take up these challenges and find solutions more easily. As I have access to a range of tools that promote intellectual and professional development.

My goal is to live this experience with passion, but also to take the time to observe, analyze and above all to channel my energy towards the realization of new challenges.


4. Have you ever heard of the GEODIS Women’s Network?GEODIS Women's Network

Yes, thanks to the Group communication department that shares information on events. One of my colleagues also attended one of the seminars. Thinking about women’s positioning is a lever of attractiveness for GEODIS.

I think it is an initiative that contributes to equality.


5. You withstood the Parisian sirens and found a job position in the Franche-Comté region. What are the attractions of this region?

I find that the Franche-Comté region offers a better quality of life due to the exceptional natural heritage (the Ballon d’Alsace, the Christmas markets…)!

Germany and Switzerland being next door, you can experience an intercultural environment more easily.


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