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“GEODIS and ME” by the Contract Logistics Line of Business

Meet Thierry with the 5-question series!

Why Five?

Five, such as the 5-minute coffee in the morning at the coffee machine, or even the usual 5-minute catch-up to talk about this and that.

Today, we take 5 questions (or more) to put our featured employee under the spotlight: we will know more about his role, professional experience and concrete contribution in the Contract Logistics Line of Business of GEODIS.



  1. What do you do in the Contract Logistics Line of Business of GEODIS?

    Today within the financial service department, I bring operational expertise in order to improve our performance and make forecasts become reality. To do so, I always need to consider all the technical, human and cultural issues.

    Fabienne, our Chief financial Officer, entrusts me with different types of missions, from the follow-up of specific actions up to the analysis of the different field activities passing through the implementation of operational solutions. It never gets boring! 

    This job reminds me of my five years of engineering studies, which allowed me to become acquainted with a number of field activities in different countries and to better understand customers’ needs.

    This job requires to be always adaptable, to put yourself in the shoes of the customer, to carry out a real projection exercise by translating needs into processes and flows, in order to offer the most appropriate solution for our activity.


  2. You have made several career moves while at GEODIS, what is your advice to others interested in advancing their career in this Company?

    It is important to form a network. GEODIS  is constantly evolving and opening new doors for its employees. A career is made up of encounters and people that open up those doors: it is necessary to be guided by curiosity and affinities.


  3. What unique technical and non-technical skills do you bring to the Contract Logistics Line of Business in GEODIS?

    I am an operational referent within the Finance team. My external viewpoint offers a different perspective on the issues in Management Control. In return, I acquire a financial vision of the activity from my colleagues.


  4. What gets you going in the morning?

    The opportunity to observe, analyze and understand!

    Whether it’s about the workings of a warehouse or restoring old vehicles in my spare time, I appreciate each of those moments.


  5. Is there a certain experience at GEODIS that has been particularly significant to your career growth?

    The calls for tender of an E-Commerce giant! From 2012 to 2016, I had the opportunity to forge a strong relationship with both our client and GEODIS colleagues.

    Culturally, it has been extremely enriching to build a community with Italians, Germans and French and to have constant support at all levels of the Business Units or of central services such as implementation, IT or legal.

    As in any Company, we’ve had difficult moments. Our customer is really demanding but I have learned a lot about myself by coordinating a team composed of people with very different characters.


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