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“GEODIS and ME” by the Contract Logistics Line of Business

Meet Hugues from IT department with the 5-question series

Why Five?

Photo Hugues

Five, such as the 5-minute break in the morning at the coffee machine, or even the usual 5-minute catch-up to talk about this and that.

Today, we take 5 questions to put our featured employee under the spotlight: we will know more about his position in the Contract Logistics Line of Business of GEODIS, the most memorable moment in his career, his vision on the world of information technologies and more.


1. What exactly do you do at GEODIS?

My children ask me the same question! I am in charge of an application solution center within the Information Systems department for Contract Logistics, whose main missions are to ensure the development, deployment and maintenance of an in-house WMS*. This software application allows to manage all the processes on a logistics site on behalf of the Group’s customers (mainly for the Contract Logistics Line of Business of GEODIS, but also for others).

2. The IT world always has a fascinating, secret and abstract aspect. How would you describe it?

Computer code

Immersing myself in it on a daily basis, I would only see the fascinating side! But it is true that the IT world covers a wide range of activities (hardware, networks, communication, software, etc.), and can seem complex. For many of us, information technologies are part of our daily lives and we use them naturally without knowing how they work. But what matters is that IT meets our needs. To draw a parallel, a majority of drivers use their cars without knowing how an “internal combustion engine” works.

3. What is your best memory at GEODIS?

It is difficult to make a choice among all the memories that have marked my career path within GEODIS. Beyond a particular memory, what I remember is the personal development as a result of work for various sectors of activity (specific for logistics providers) and meeting people within the Group, who share the same passion and commitment.
Perhaps, in the end, my best memory is the answer following my job interview to join GEODIS.

4. You lead a team on projects connected directly to logistics activities. What drives your managerial life?

A manager in front of his team in the office

In short, it is sharing same values within the team (commitment, trust, solidarity, passion…) to provide the best service to our clients.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank my entire team, which has been with me for many years, for their daily involvement into satisfying our customers in the best possible way.

5. Like the new generations, are you “very” connected on Social Media?

social media icons on a telephone screenI am certainly not as connected as the new generations, having only used LinkedIn and, for less than 2 years Twitter. But I am rather active on these networks by posting almost daily. For me, these networks are an interesting source of information in addition to more traditional sources “for my generation” (such as the print or television press).
Social media is a component of the digital transformation of companies. This transformation augurs a promising future for computer specialists, especially in the logistics sector where new technologies will be increasingly present (artificial intelligence (AI), big data, IoT, robotics).


*Warehousing Management System

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