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Health and safety at work: a new standard ISO 45001

When it comes to transport and logistics sites, it is crucial to respond to high standards in terms of Occupational health and safety management systems.

Since its release, OHSAS 18001 has been a recognized occupational health and safety management system standard. 19 years later, the new ISO 45001, developed by an ISO Project Committee, has been published on March 12th 2018 to replace OHSAS 18001.



  1. Risk-based approach: The company identifies all the risks and opportunities to ensure that its management system can achieve intended outcomes. The company then plans actions to turn risks into opportunities, implement them into its processes and evaluate the effectiveness of these actions. This approach matches with the requirements of ISO 9001 and promotes the implementation of an integrated management system.
  2. Participatory approach: The company management system, as it depends on employee participation, encourages workers at all levels to report hazardous situations, so that preventive and/or corrective measures can be put in place. Workers shall also be able to report potential risks and make suggestions to improve safety. This approach therefore encourages the involvement and empowerment of all employees.
  3. A continuous improvement approach: With ISO 45001 all risks are taken into account, including those inherent to the system. Thus, as for a quality management system, each process owner must take into account the OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) risks and opportunities related to his/her activities and ensure the efficiency and performance of the process.

GEODIS Picto HeartWith an ambition of “zero accidents” at work, at GEODIS, we will continue to cultivate our OHS culture, in particular thanks to the leadership of our managers and the involvement of all our employees, and will integrate this new standard into our integrated management system starting from this year.



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