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Integration: the big tech trend businesses need to pay attention to in 2015

As 2015 kicks into high gear for business – there is one technology trend that is the holy grail of businesses looking to expand their footprint – integration. Yet, despite its critical importance to business, most executives still don’t understand exactly what is meant by technology integration.

For just about every national and multi-national business, especially those expanding throughout the African continent, integration within supply chains, logistics systems and even communications systems can be the difference between success or failure.

A simple definition is that integration is the ability for different software systems to communicate and share information in real time and to provide the end user with better insight into a specific process, issue or measurement.

In other words, if your software systems do not have the ability to communicate with each other or with those of your customers, suppliers and partners.– it’s going to be very difficult for your managers to secure the information they need – making it extremely difficult to provide the services your customers demand and expect.

For South African businesses looking to expand their service footprint nationally, or across Africa, integration of technology systems needs to be a top priority. Many South African businesses are acquiring partners or expanding into new territories – without ensuring supply chain integration during this expansion process, chaos can ensue, resulting in poor decision-making and missed opportunities.


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