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Logistics 4.0: from drones to smart wearables and futuristic devices

New challenges and frontiers related to innovative technologies are the pillars of the future for logistics 4.0.

Our world is getting progressively smarter with the development of artificial intelligence devices that can be applied in various sectors of activity. The logistics sector should also take advantage of the latest applications and products aimed at continuous optimization of the supply chain in order to enhance the customers’ business.


Logistics has always represented fertile testing ground for advanced technologies and, even today, it enables to better understand the potential of new devices and to be able to implement more autonomous and instantaneous systems in the future.

Devices such as smart glasses have already demonstrated their potential within the storage areas, where they support vision picking operations with augmented reality, allowing an integrated collaboration between machines and human beings.

In the same category of innovations, we can talk about the use of drones and robots with autopilot system for commercial operations in a warehouse. They were pioneers of autonomous vehicles, and now we see the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) taking the lead.

A real revolution of the sector that is already constantly evolving, is towards “grey power” logistics. Aimed at serving an ageing society in a need for new services, grey power logistics is not only committed to a greater environmental sustainability, but also has a view of sharing economy.

The reasons behind these ambitious future-oriented projects can be different: it is not only competitive advantage or productivity increase, but also increased safety for employees. A great example is the use of exoskeletons. Designed to expand the boundaries of the existing physical barriers and support the workforce, this type of intelligent clothing aims to minimize the risks for health and safety, thus redefining industry standards once again.

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