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Youth skills for logistics

The International Youth Skills Day is celebrated on July 15th. Unemployment and inactivity affect currently the less qualified youth (69% in France according to Insee Références* – 2016 Edition).  However, some companies, especially in logistics,  are undertaking initiatives to allow young people to enter the job market.


Students with degrees also have good opportunities to put their skills into practice thanks to internships and apprenticeship contracts offered by companies. GEODIS has launched the Injob program which offers positions for students every year.



Students at GEODIS

GEODIS’ Contract Logistics Line of Business is glad to welcome young talents, passionate about transport and logistics, from very different backgrounds.

At the moment, we are offering week-end contracts ‘Friday, Saturday, Sunday’ in our Sochaux automotive site. We know that this rhythm is perfect for students

Frédéric Mourot, Automotive Operations Manager France


Apprenticeship contracts can be taken on at the headquarters or in our warehouses. Motivation and solidarity are appreciated in order to access employment and gain experience.

Boost your career with your skills !  

*French national Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies

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